Loved You BUT I Love Myself More

There are people in my life that I have loved. Whether it was romantic,family, or friend....I loved them. Some of those people are not in my life anymore... that’s because even though I loved them... whether it be a way they made me feel or the way that they affected my life...I realized it was... Continue Reading →

Catching My Breath…

What do you do when someone makes you feel like you can’t breathe? I’m not talking about that romantic took away your breath moment.... I’m talking about that I wish I didn’t have to see you... remember you... because I can’t take this feeling type of moment. The I don’t know if I can fake... Continue Reading →

Friendship or Excuses?

Letting people in....what makes a genuine friend? There’s no set handbook of how to identify a person with good intentions. Growing up we have had our run in with people who have hurt us. People we let in expecting for them to be there forever but sometimes they’re just not meant to be. They change... Continue Reading →

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