Beyond The Negative

I always have people tell me how optimistic I am in my writing. Yet, if I’m honest I’m quite the opposite. I always have all the negative possibilities running through my mind! Sometimes I get too stuck in my head on the wrong going on around me. It can be overwhelming to have so much... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year! 2018

2018 is officially here! I’m excited for another year of living my life! Before I jump into the adventure of another year I want to look back at what 2017 gave me. As we all know 2017 was not an easy year. There was a lot of hate. We watched as selfish individuals walked into... Continue Reading →

To Never Feel Again?

You're brain is said to be in charge of everything the body does. It sends signals which gets our body going and that's how we function. Yet if we're completely honest our brain can't control everything. Yes it tells the heart to pump blood, but our heart does it's own thing when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Six months…

A lot can happen in six months... its half a some that may seem to be a long time. Yet there's times where I feel only a week has passed and I have to remind myself it's already the next month! Why is six months relevant? Well two years ago on November 9th my... Continue Reading →

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