A Piece of “El Don”

I lost someone around a week ago, someone I considered family. One incident on a rainy day changed everything. I haven’t written because I hadn’t been able to put into words what I’ve been feeling lately. Most of all it was a back and forth of hope and sadness… Fighting back my feeling of dread... Continue Reading →

Loved You BUT I Love Myself More

There are people in my life that I have loved. Whether it was romantic,family, or friend....I loved them. Some of those people are not in my life anymore... that’s because even though I loved them... whether it be a way they made me feel or the way that they affected my life...I realized it was... Continue Reading →

Catching My Breath…

What do you do when someone makes you feel like you can’t breathe? I’m not talking about that romantic took away your breath moment.... I’m talking about that I wish I didn’t have to see you... remember you... because I can’t take this feeling type of moment. The I don’t know if I can fake... Continue Reading →

Changing Into Who He/She Wants?

What does my crush want? Someone perky? Someone sarcastic? Someone whose assertive or shy? Does my crush want someone who’s athletic? Does he want a girl who’s natural or gets glammed up with makeup? Does she want a super masculine or sensitive guy? If my crush likes this I should like it too right? Change... Continue Reading →

To Never Feel Again?

You're brain is said to be in charge of everything the body does. It sends signals which gets our body going and that's how we function. Yet if we're completely honest our brain can't control everything. Yes it tells the heart to pump blood, but our heart does it's own thing when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Six months…

A lot can happen in six months... its half a year...to some that may seem to be a long time. Yet there's times where I feel only a week has passed and I have to remind myself it's already the next month! Why is six months relevant? Well two years ago on November 9th my... Continue Reading →

Your World But Not Theirs

Certain relationships abruptly end. A boyfriend, a girlfriend, a spouse, a friend, a family member or anyone you held to heart could leave your life. We hear over and over to forget that person and to move on. It isn't as easily done than said. We will miss that person. There are memories and moments... Continue Reading →

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