Take The Leap

In high school I studied French. As an assignment we would memorize and recite dialogue in front of the entire class. One day I remember a friend asked me how I always did it so well and I didn’t really have an answer....but I began to OVERTHINK it. As a result for the first time... Continue Reading →

First time In Shapewear

Today I chose to share a story of 10 year old me. First of all let's just recognize what women do for fashion and to look good! There's heels, waxing, corsets....etc. My story focuses on shapewear or as we say in Spanish the FAJA! We squeeze ourselves into this tiny contraption meant to smooth and... Continue Reading →

My Relationship with Clothes

Growing up I've always been chubby, thick, fat, or whatever word that comes to mind to describe my bigger physique. As a child I hated shopping and would literally have to be dragged into a store. Today well let's just say if you take me to the mall we'll be there a while. Where did... Continue Reading →

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