Release & Receive

Two weeks into the new year… a new year brings in new people and experiences BUT it can also bring in those from the past trying to walk into your new clean slate…. what to do?! Well, I had an ex acquaintance who reached out about realizing mistakes, wanting another chance etc…. part of me was tempted to be petty! To come up with a ploy to make him look foolish or write a not so nice message. HOWEVER I thought…. What kind of energy do I want around me this year? What type of energy do I want to come back to me? I wanted positive energy! The past year had its extreme bump ins with negativity so I wanted to combat that this year with a stronger mindset. Plus it can become so mentally draining to hold grudges no matter how small they may be. An ounce of anger or resentment you hold inside just takes up space that could instead be empowering energy. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying one can’t be angry but I am saying that you can’t let it blind you as it takes over your actions! At some point you have to realize what you won’t be able to change or take back! Realizing that holding negativity sometimes takes more away from you then it effects the other person. This is why I say we instead move on forward. Let it go and only let in positive vibes. We all want good karma. We want a positive fate to be from the positive effect we have on the world and people around us! We can maneuver our fate so this year my Blossoms let’s steer it into a positive path!Be a bigger person. Just as I chose to be when I didn’t create an evil ploy. I instead responded back nicely to my ex acquaintance wishing them well on their separate path. We have to put out positive energy to receive positive outcomes! Let’s make 2019 about allowing more joy to take up our souls rather than negativity! To surrounding ourselves with good karma!

Positive Vibes Only,

Blossoming Beauty

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