We see the best of others and even ourselves on social media. Have you ever been scared of someone seeing you in real life and saying “Wow you look nothing like that person?” Well it’s quite common. There’s the person who doesn’t want to be seen in public without their picture perfect hair or makeup done. There’s the person whose afraid to meet their online date in person because what if they think they’ve been catfished since they have only seen the “edited” version on social media?

Well my Blossoms at the end of the day when I’m using my makeup wipe to take off my face I think, “I am both the girl who stares at me with her redness, sunspots, acne, and eye bags. I’m also the girl on social media who is primped up by makeup, angles and lighting.” I am all of that and more! Plus to the people who will only rely on social media to make an assumption about a person…there’s so much more behind the person posing in those “Instagram ready” pictures! They’re actual human beings. They have unique laughs, quirks, stories, etc. They have insecurities, problems, stress, etc. Things you can’t put a filter or edit over to change.There’s beauty in what art comes from a lense but there’s also beauty in what stood before it. We need to remind ourselves that there’s so much unedited beauty out there that we should embrace in others and ourselves. For 2019 don’t let the pressure of being “insta perfect” get to you, you are always life perfect when you’re being you!

Wishing you the Best 2019,

Blossoming Beauty

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