Body Zone

Someone asked me this week, “What’s something you did this year that was out of your comfort zone?” I couldn’t think of anything at the moment, so I started feeling a little down. Had I not pushed myself this year? Had I not done anything excitingly new? I opened my phone looking for answers. I had got into the habit of documenting my life in notes and photos on my phone. I started scrolling through 2018 and found some moments that took me out of my comfort zone. First of all, I could see my body language in photos had changed. I had become more comfortable in front of a camera, I could tell in the the way I posed myself. I chose to take more pictures this year, even when in the past I used to hate taking photos. I would feel insecure like people were judging and watching me take pictures. Now if I find a background I like, I’m not so shy about asking for pictures there. I saw the clothing I had worn this year which showed more skin or hugged me tighter. I had stepped out of my comfort zone by pushing back the voice whispering “Fat girls don’t look flattering in that. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone when it came to embracing not just my own body but others as well. Well for one I was very shy before. Two, I felt I couldn’t appreciate others bodies when my body alone made me uncomfortable. I went to nude art shows and erotic shows to see that all bodies are different. Differences are what make them beautiful… sexy. I talked to performers who shared tips of confidence which taught me I could be that… I could be attractive and eye catching with the right walk of confidence! I went to a twerking/dance class for a while which that was way out of my comfort zone! I was constantly struggling with choreography but I became more comfortable in the way my body moved and how it could express itself. I pushed my body and self love out of my comfort zone even more this year. Every year I smile more at what looks back at me in the mirror. I know this coming year I’ll continue to push myself to embrace myself even more. So my Blossoms how did you push yourself out of your comfort zone this year!? How will you continue to push yourself next year?!

Stepping Out of the Zone,

Blossoming Beauty

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  1. I love how you were actively pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! I really should take your lead and do it myself! I think if every girl (or guy) did what you did, we’d see an overwhelming amount of self-love come into the world. Great job!

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