My Mother’s Hands

When we’re little we wish so much to grow up. To be these “cool” adults that we see, who do whatever they want! We’re in such a rush that we forget that in order for us to get older, so do the people that we love… I remember as a kid that when my grandma would visit us every few years, my mom would mention how she noticed the significant change in her hands. How her mother’s hands had aged every span of years . I remember rushing to see my moms hands and thinking, “Whoo, I have forever for her to be here with me!” The other day I was tucking my mom to bed because she was sick. For some reason I focused my attention on her hands. Her hands are of a hard working mom. Her hands are the hands that used to tuck me in… and in that moment I noticed how they had aged. My hands looked like her hands when I had checked them as a child. Now her hands were looking older with the marks of passing time. It made me sad and happy. Happy that we had grown older together and we were both still here. Sad because she was ahead of me in time. My mom is getting older and it’s not just her. Sometimes we’re so in the rush of our own lives that we don’t realize how much our parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, etc…. are getting older. We never know when we won’t have their hands to hold anymore so don’t forget to take a hold of them every once in a while. To really enjoy having those that you love around you. I don’t know how I’ll handle the day I can’t see my mothers hands age anymore but I do know what I have control of. I’m still able to hold her hand whenever I need to and to thank her for everything. I remind her that I love her whenever I can…especially when I’m a brat to her (sorry mom). Therefore, my Blossoms don’t forget time ticks, we age and so do they. Make the most of the time you will have together.

Blossoming Beauty

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