The Ass****

Someone at some point in your life has told you something about who you are and it sticks on replay in your mind. If it’s a good thing it can be quite the confidence booster. When it’s more of a harsh judgment it can become a haunting record replaying in your subconscious. When that happens I’ve found it to be quite the self empowerment move to turn it around and own it! For example, I have joked that I have dated my fair share of people who have turned into “assholes.” I even joked that I must be attracted to “assholes.” Well one time in the end of our “relationship” one guy turned it around on me and told me “You always say you end up dating assholes… but have you ever wondered if your the asshole?! Because let me tell you, you are!” After that I would hear him calling me an asshole over and over in my mind. When I was out with family or friends, every action I would do would make me question is that a “asshole” move? I was walking on eggshells around people I should’ve been the most comfortable around! When I tried dating again I would think well what’s the point… I’m an asshole hence I must be unlovable. It started to in a way paralyze me in my life. Then one day I talked about it with my friend and she told me, “He told you that because you were ending it.. he was an asshole… don’t forget why you ended it… he just wanted to get back at you!” I thought about her words long and hard. Of course she was right! If I was an asshole for ending a toxic relationship then so be it! If I’m an asshole for not settling for anything less than I deserve so be it! If standing up for myself and my life makes me an Asshole…. Then I AM AN ASSHOLE! I’ve turned that into something I own now. I am a proud Asshole! I’m an asshole because In the moments I chose to be one… I needed to be one! My Blossoms don’t let someone’s negative judgment get to you! Don’t let others judgments haunt your mind or vibe! Flip things around and own things for yourself! Only you know why you do what you do. Only you know what you’ve gone through to be who you are.

From This Empowered Asshole,

Blossoming Beauty

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