Reel Us In

As the temperatures goes down we all notice a rise in couples. Oh good ol’ cuffing season! For the rest of us who have only ourselves this winter let’s talk about dating. Its not easy! For some even though we’re dating, our heart isn’t really there. It could be held up with an ex or crush, unrequited love, we don’t vibe, we got pressured into dating etc. Yes there can be that great magical date but what about when it feels like you’re getting pure duds? It can make one frustrated, maybe even question oneself, or make us want to take a break from people all together. I spent a good amount of this year trying it out myself but it turned out to be more of a headache. Therefore I ran back willingly and happily to my single status. Yet of course as the more couples get together there are moments where a small part of me wants my own “romcom.” Someone to do all those cute fall/winter couple activities. In those moments when I feel a little left out I think about something I had heard that gave me clarity. Something that stopped me from feeling rushed to find someone. “No one can steal the love you’re meant to find.” So whether you’re stuck on an ex/crush if they’re meant to be yours they will be. Or maybe you just haven’t dated “your person” BUT they’re out there. We don’t know the timeline but no one can take the love that was made for you! So to all my single people going through that roller coaster of dating or feeling like the infinite third wheel to your friends this fall season … remember it is out there. Maybe it’s not with us for this season but it’s out there. Be patient. Enjoy your time alone and don’t let the pressure of the season make you settle with anything less than what you want or deserve! We can’t forget that we are quite the catch and someone worthy out there is meant to reel us in.

Quite the Catch,

Blossoming Beauty

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