Through Their Eyes

How someone sees you through their eyes is quite amazing. On ourselves we can be harsh. Sometimes we allow our insecurities to get the best of us. Yet some people like our family, friends, people we date etc… they see us in another light. They see traits that we can’t see. They find these little quirks that we don’t notice of ourselves…. special. The things that we find insecure they don’t even see… Sometimes I wish that I could see myself through someone else’s eyes. With that different perspective, maybe then I wouldn’t be so hard on myself. I know I’ve been on the other foot…. where I have had people I know bring themselves down and I don’t understand! I don’t see the “issues” that they see…. to me they are amazing complete individuals. They don’t lack and I see nothing they should be insecure about. How bad I wish they’d see what I see! I’ve had the blessing to meet people who have seen me at some insecure points but been honest about how they don’t want me to be so hard on myself over little issues within. It made me realize that in order for us to admire the people in our lives and show them the version of them that we see ,a beautiful individual, we also have to do the same thing to ourselves! If we want them not to be so hard on themselves we have to lead by example! We learn by seeing other individuals do. So let’s not be hard on ourselves… let’s continue to work on embracing ourselves so that our fellow human beings can also learn how to truly embrace themselves! Someone recently told me… they liked me for ALL of me… they didn’t want any insecure talk from me! So just like I will work on my self love, let’s all work on feeling that way about ourselves! We’re the first mission of self love before we can fully spread it to others!

Everyday Is A Work In Progress,

Blossoming Beauty

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  1. This post has real truths to it, and some I find myself arguing just because I have that negative self-talk going. I get the being on the other side and not understanding others insecurities when I see them as beautiful individuals! But at the same time, I don’t think others feel that way about me – which is total bogus – but I will immediately assume that if I’m insecure, then they must look at me as flawed too. Saving this post because it’s quotable and perfect in every way!!


      1. I totally understand! I’m that way too it’s hard to fight the negative voices…. but rest assured we all have people who think we are the Sun! And of course you can Beautiful! I’m honored!

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