Rich Enough?

Have you ever been treated badly at a store because someone thought to judge you on your appearance? To assume you couldn’t afford their brand or that you were going to steal something? We all work hard to make our money and occasionally we save up to buy ourselves something nice. A new electronic, brand name item,shoes, a watch, etc…… I personally like when I can splurge on myself or on others buying what I usually wouldn’t be able to afford in my budget. However I’ve had my share of stereotypical judgment from people who work in these boutiques that have put a damper in my mood. Maybe I don’t look like their average costumer but it’s so infuriating how they treat you like you shouldn’t be there! Until of course you prove you have the money which changes their attitude! One time I was followed around the store of a well known brand that I won’t mention… whose displays are thousands of dollars. I was looking for a specific item in question for a gift that I had been saving all year round for my mother. I had come from work so I was dressed very casual in this really fancy place. The sales representative told me in a snarky tone “Are you interested in samples because we don’t give samples here… neither do we have the cheaper travel size if that’s what you’re looking for.” I remember being so upset… she assumed I couldn’t buy the full size of something or that I was just there to freeload what I could. I remember turning to her and saying that I actually I owned many of their products I was just here to restock. I opened my purse to “grab my phone” but I made sure she saw the money I had just got from the bank…. after she saw that she replaced the scowl with the biggest smile on her face turning her attitude completely around! Well let me just tell you I left because I wasn’t going to give my hard earned money to a jerk. I then proceeded to do my best walk out, feeling inspired by that Pretty Woman scene where she tells the girls working on commission what a big mistake they made turning her away. Well this has happened a lot and I always wonder why people are that way! Some of the richest billionaires in the world dress completely average. Steve jobs wore jeans and a turtleneck! Plus some of the people who are covered in the nicest things can for example turn out to be in tons of debt. Whenever I bring up this story almost everyone that I know has a story of their own. So from this my Blossoms whether you work in sales or you want to go splurge on something make sure you get treated well and that you treat others well too! Don’t give your hard earned money to a place that treats you like you’ll never belong to their “society” of customers. We can all work our way up and afford the nice things in life! We shouldn’t have to deal with shitty judgments when all we’re trying to do is enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Enjoying the Nice Things In Life,

Blossoming Beauty

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  1. Such an important article. As I was reading it I was thinking of the scene from Pretty Woman that you alluded to at the end. A person’s value should not be represented by dollar signs and people should not judge – it is great that you did not give business to this store because they clearly don’t know how to treat customers. I’m sorry this happened to you – but what a great lesson for all to learn.

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  2. Been through this. Especially growing up in NYC. That shit sucks and I make sure it sucks for them too now. Reviews, surveys, I get management involved and with social media, you can get jokers fired for this. If it’s a brand I like, I’ll grab it at another store. If it’s a brand I care nothing about, fuck ’em. I refuse to financially support anyone, store or brand that practices this mentality.

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