The Trailer of Our Lives

Movies are one of my favorite things in the whole entire world! The stories, the characters, the acting….it would all reel me in. I was a wizard fighting evil. I was a young ordinary girl finding out I was a princess. I was a young woman falling for Mr. Darcy…etc. One of my absolute favorite things besides the film are the trailers! You see they build up the anticipation! They give us the first hint of will this film be a romance, a tragedy, a comedy….. who are some of the characters?! Do they seem evil…are they secret spies..etc. Plus let’s not forget the soundtrack! The music tells our hearts how we’ll move along to the movie. Will it make our hearts ache or is it a feel good film?! This had me think that well my life… our lives… are our own personal films…. and I mean we don’t get to know the finished product till the end. However our current attitude and how we face the day, that is what decides our trailer! Will my film be a comedy? A romance? A feel good film? I know mine has a little bit of everything… good and bad but I like to imagine that my trailer is a feel good film. A trailer of a woman whose had to fight for her dreams, working her way up! Who ends up with joy and love in her life! Don’t get me wrong I have some things that I remember as particularly cringe worthy but I feel it’d be great comedy to someone else. I mean at this point you have to learn to laugh and move forward from mistakes. Then for the soundtrack a 80s upbeat song like Girls Just Want To Have Fun playing in the background. As Lauper would say “I want to be the one to walk in the sun!” I just want to absorb it all in and enjoy myself because I’ve earned it at the end of the day! Now I ask you my Blossoms… what would your movie life trailer be? We won’t know the finished product till our journey is over but we sure can influence our life soundtrack, theme and emotion behind it! You decide! As people in the industry say Lights! Camera! Action My Blossoms! You make the best darn film of your life!

Walking in the Sun,

Blossoming Beauty

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