Glow Up?

Everyone talks about the “glow up.” What is the “glow up?” Urban Dictionary defines it as,“To go from the bottom to the top…an incredible transformation.” We use this term when we talk about celebrities, family, friends, and even ourselves! Some say the glow up happens when you for example… lose weight… transform from ugly duckling to an absolute beauty…learn how to dress… hit the gym hard…. etc. Yet I want to talk about what I think constitutes as the real glow up. You see when I look at myself before and after I began my journey of self love….I see past the outside. Yes I learned how to do skincare, do my makeup, do my hair, etc… but there’s more to my glow up. I see a woman who learned her true potential! I used to joke that you were either smart or beautiful when it came to what you contributed to the world. I think I didn’t see the possibility of being both because I hated what I saw in the mirror. Now I have a degree and I feel myself as I continue to learn new things! I learned how to be more independent which anyone growing up knows is not as easy or fabulous as it looks in a child’s eye. Back then I used to cover up every inch of myself whether it was with sweaters or baggy clothes. It could be 100 degrees outside and I never wanted any piece of skin to show! I was insecure that I didn’t have the same body like everyone else! Now I wear what I want even if my stretch marks or cellulite show because I’ve accepted my body isn’t like everyone else! There’s nothing wrong with that.. in fact it’s pretty darn beautiful because I’m me not anyone else! Yes, I still have my insecure days but I don’t let one day dictate my whole view on life like I used to. Along with my insecurities in the past I was also afraid of my own voice! I never spoke up and I always wanted to be liked so I never shared my opinion… but in honesty I was mostly looked over or stepped upon. Now I feel empowered by my voice! I blog and prefer to tell those around me the truth versus keeping it bottled inside. My glow up was growing up, using my voice, loving my body for what it is, and embracing my self for all its potential! I BLOSSOMED! Therefore, yes the outside transformation of the “glow up” is pretty crazy to see but don’t forget to look inside! How has your heart and mind glowed up?! How have you blossomed?!

Glowing Up,

Blossoming Beauty

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