It’s important to have goals… but sometimes you’re at a standstill thinking, “Well what do I wanna do next? What am I doing? Where do I want to be in the future? What’s my future goal?!” You may be like me where I won’t admit it aloud because I can get intimidated by others who seem to be successfully accomplishing one thing after another! Well this funny thing has happened, more than once, when I’ve complimented those people and told them I want to be like them! They laugh and tell me they’re not exactly sure 100% where they’re going but they have mini goals to figure it out! You don’t need to know the big picture and well if you do more props to you! But you don’t! If you have an inkling of something you like and maybe wanna do… start off there! My ultimate goal growing up was to be a lawyer! Somewhere along I was like wait do I want to do this? How will I do it?! So much that I need to do in order to even go study to be a lawyer!!! I became so overwhelmed in anxiety that I literally stopped in my panic. So I broke it down to little goals! Mini goal one…buy lsat books. Mini goal two…sign up for the lsat exam and so on and so on. I’ve started doing that with other aspects of my life because I know I’m that person who can be paused by her anxiety. For example, I have goals of working on my health. It can feel like it’s an impossible goal if I start looking at all the types of work outs, diets, body fat, statistics, etc…. Therefore I’m not putting myself up for a goal of being as fit as a professional athlete. Yet mini goals like morning runs or finding a new class to try once a month makes it possible to achieve. Even though we may not always feel it…we are all someone else’s Goals! We can accomplish goals and move forward! We can be better! Moving forward…even if we’re not 100% where that’ll be! Yet that’s the thing about the future NO ONE CAN FULLY PREDICT IT! So breathe… push forward with little goals and before you know it you’ll accomplish even bigger ones! Accomplish and Blossom!

Putting her best foot forward,

Blossoming Beauty

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