Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrations….. they are events of joy and reunion. Friends and family who may not have seen each other in a while come together to celebrate a new chapter or accomplishment of someone’s life! This past weekend I went to a friend’s wedding. I got to celebrate one of the happiest days of her life as well as reunite with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Friends…. they come from different parts of our lives. We have childhood friends, college friends, high school friends, work friends, etc…. you get the point. They are friends who have known you at different points of growth and you treasure them. Seeing friends who have known me from different parts of my life… together… just vibing off each other is one of the greatest highs because you always want people that you care about to like each other too! I remember all of us dancing and laughing thinking “man if only I could pause this moment!” Last night was non stop laughs, conversations, and definitely some great memories were created. Besides this being about celebrating… don’t forget my Blossoms to reach out! I know we all get busy but you don’t realize how much you miss certain people until it comes to a celebration bringing you together after god knows how long you last saw them. Life is busy but take time for people you care about because those moments can make the best memories!

Happy But Tired From Dancing,

Blossoming Beauty

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