Where The Fat People Belong….

So yesterday I decided to go to the mall to beat the heat. I was in a good mood finding cute outfit options to try on when this group of teenagers had to put in a sour note to the day. I was on one side of the rack and they were on the other. One girl starts to show her friend this skirt “omg this is so cute!” The guy they’re with says “Find your size though that looks huge!” She checks and realizes that HELLO SHE IS IN THE PLUS SIZE SECTION! She makes a face and tells them “ugh this is for plus size….” to which he responded, “REALLY? Why does Forever 21 have these sizes?! THE FAT PEOPLE SHOULD JUST STAY IN TORRID.” They all start laughing together when I decide to peek my head over the rack with my ultimate “what did you say” glare. They scattered away so fast! I was so annoyed! YES… I WILL SHOP AT TORRID…FOREVER OR WHATEVER OTHER STORE! HECK THEY DONT EVEN HAVE TO BE FOR PLUS SIZE BECAUSE I WEAR WHATEVER I WANT! I was thinking what is it their money us fat people are spending?! No! It’s our own! It makes me upset because only recently plus size has been getting more and more options. So now we’re out there doing more shopping! When I was younger I dreaded shopping, trying stuff on, or even stepping out of the room to go see myself in the hall mirror….. I’ve overheard girls make comments about me in the fitting room…. which is why to me it’s irritating when people make those comments! Yeah it may be “real funny” to your little group but you don’t know the effect it’ll have on others. I gave them a glare and continued my shopping…. however another person could’ve left feeling terribly self conscious. I know some people rather only online shop because they’ve gone through similar situations OR worse! Anyone should spend their money where they want and feel comfortable when they do so! Those who make fun are close minded people who will get left behind in this empowerment and body positivity movement! So if you hear stuff like that don’t let it get to you! You give em a good old look in the eye as you strut your stuff! If your with someone who makes those types of jokes, you should think of all your friends or family. They don’t necessarily have to be plus size but imagine them being made uncomfortable about their body due to a joke. Now tell that person that if they have nothing nice to say…they should zip it. No one is entitled to tell any group of people where they do or don’t belong because we Blossoms will strut ourselves wherever we want!

So from this fat woman I belong anywhere the fuck I please! My money…. my feet… oooh look at me go AND wherever I want!

Loving & Strutting

Blossoming Beauty

6 thoughts on “Where The Fat People Belong….

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  1. I don’t know you, but I am proud of you for owning the skin you’re in. Bullying is hurtful and wrong and someone does need to give offenders the evil eye until they realize that ugly comes from the soul and not a dress size!

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  2. I love that you’re owning your body. I personally think that anyone can wear anything as long as they themselves love the way they look in it. Keep up the positive attitude! 🙂


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