Take The Leap

In high school I studied French. As an assignment we would memorize and recite dialogue in front of the entire class. One day I remember a friend asked me how I always did it so well and I didn’t really have an answer….but I began to OVERTHINK it. As a result for the first time ever when I went up I froze and blanked out! I couldn’t for the life of me remember a single line! After that I would try not to panic and overthink….in fear that it would happen again! Well my tendency to overthink has been something I’ve constantly battled even after French class. Don’t get me wrong… there’s times one needs to prepare and thinking of every possible outcome can come in handy! Yet there are times that overthinking just leads to fear, doubt, blanking out and even pauses from taking action! Some of the things I’ve come to love or experiences that gave me the most joy were things I used to be afraid to try… I would overthink things… choose not to try because of the negative “WHAT IF!” Here’s the thing…Bad outcomes are possible BUT just as those outcomes are possible, it’s equally possible to get a good outcome! Plus, why not try it instead of forever wondering what could have been?! If you don’t like the outcome well at least now you know by experience! As I said before, some things I love have come from just doing it and not over thinking it! I used to be terrified of the thought of amusement park rides because I was legit thinking about how it’s possible to die on there and etc… BUT one day I just forced myself to get on! Don’t get me wrong, some do make me sick but mostly I’ve loved the thrill! I used to overthink anything involving heights! Then I just went on my first Ferris wheel and it’s one of my favorite memories! I used to overthink how I danced in public… now I just get on the dance floor! The only thought I have is how much fun I’m having. I used to overthink what I wore! What would people think! I’d overthink every single piece of skin revealed! Now I just put it on! Why let myself overthink about a fat person “Fashion Don’t”, a stretch mark, or belly fat when I’m feeling my outfit! My confidence has risen so much! I’ve pushed myself to be more upfront with others without overthinking it because I know I’ll chicken out saying things that I know need to be said! What comes will come regardless, but I can choose the attitude and the action I face the day with! So take some jumps! Do some things! Don’t overthink the possible outcomes! You don’t want to blank out on life experiences because you overthink everything! The time wasted panicking over every possibility… you could’ve already tried something! Live my Blossoms!

Doing What She Can,

Blossoming Beauty

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