Loved You BUT I Love Myself More

There are people in my life that I have loved. Whether it was romantic,family, or friend….I loved them. Some of those people are not in my life anymore… that’s because even though I loved them… whether it be a way they made me feel or the way that they affected my life…I realized it was negative…I had to love myself more. To love myself enough to let go. It’s not easy to let go but sometimes you have to remember that you owe yourself a good life surrounded by good people. Even if you love a person…if they don’t treat you in a way that enhances your life or helps you to grow… they probably didn’t love you the way you love them….But they hold onto you for whatever reason because it benefits them! It’s a tough pill to swallow. This is the hardest lesson to learn…to realize when a person is not there for you even if you swear that you love them. You have to love yourself more than that. To see how their actions and their words affect you. You have to think….”I love myself more than having to deal with unnecessary drama. I love myself more than having to deal with someone who makes me question my confidence. I love myself more than someone who gives me a compliment but it comes with a backhanded meaning. I love myself more than clinging onto hope that a person will change when I have continued to see the same behavior over and over again. I love myself more than going through the same fight just at different times. I love myself more than having to seek comfort in things that aren’t healthy just so that I can think that our relationship is healthy. I love myself more so I’m done. If you had loved me the way I had loved you it could’ve been amazing but that is the keyword could have that is not what is happening.” So my blossoms if you’re in a repetitive cycle of a toxic feeling or an action I tell you to be brave and remember to love yourself! To love yourself more than to continue putting yourself in that situation. You may love them but you have to love yourself more. Time is too short to be constantly fighting a battle when you’re doing it alone since the other person isn’t there. Love yourself more than letting pieces of you slowly destroy themselves! Love yourself more and let go of something familiar even if it seems scary. We have to remind ourselves to not just say we love ourselves but do actions that show we do really love ourselves!

Loving Myself,

Blossoming Beauty

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