You May Have A Dick But DONT BE ONE!

As a woman I’m not dumb… I know we still have a long way to go when it comes to equal treatment but sometimes I think we’re too far along for certain things to still happen right? Well the other day I acompanied my parent to a business meeting to see them discuss some financial contract of sorts. I have seen my father interact with other companies but this would be the first time I would see my mom alone do it. My mother is a very intimidating person…she’ll hear you out but she demands to be heard. My mother that day was the only woman in a room of men. Let me tell you that the way these men spoke to my father was in no way, the way they spoke to my mother. When they saw her walk in I saw a sigh of relief in their faces. They kind of gave each other a look with this stupid grin that to me said “oh it’s just a woman we can relax.” One man in particular made me so upset! You see when he saw it was my mother he didn’t offer her a handshake or keep a professional demeanor. She was not someone he took serious so he sat on the edge of his desk slouched. His face read that he thought of himself a big shark and she was just a mere little fish. Acknowledging her presence he didn’t say “oh you’re from this business” it was “oh who are you… you must be his wife!” It made me mad….he made an assumption and besides her being his wife she should’ve still been taken serious as a businesswoman. She was more than her title of wife in that meeting! The whole time they were having a conversation you could tell that he was not there completely. He would talk over her and make comments that had nothing to do with their deal. I was just the daughter there not a business colleague of any sorts so I felt I couldn’t step in… I was so upset that this man didn’t take her serious! He did not treat her like he treated my father. It reminded me that there still are men out there who feel that women are less. That a woman cannot uphold her self… that he is bigger, wiser, and more important than her. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my moments in the classroom where a male student had tried using something related to my gender to try to belittle me. Thankfully with the times and the company I kept around it wasn’t often. Plus when it did… I figured that this was just a young dumb boy that there’s better out there right? Well I guess I expected too much and I have to continually prepare myself because seeing what they did to my mom…no man should do that to me! I ask of you “macho” men that have a mother,daughter, or grandmother do you expect them to be treated equally when you are not around? Yet you don’t give that courtesy to women you meet in the workforce? You have to lead by example! You have to treat other women like equals because if not other men think it’s OK to treat women in the workforce like that! How do you feel when your daughter, mother, or grandmother try to enforce their decision/opinions and somebody undermines her voice? We go through that due to politics as it is and you wanna add to that???You cannot expect to treat another woman like she’s not important and you expect that the women in your life be treated important. Thankfully not all men are this way! I’ve surrounded myself with amazing male friends who have had nothing but respect for what I say. I like to believe they treat the woman they work around the same. However for those who don’t…this just reminds me I have to speak louder with strong meaning behind my words in order to be considered at the same bar as a man. I will start calling out the people who work around me for that behavior and you should too! Why? Well with small steps I hope that for any woman I know now and in the future whose just trying to make something of herself… I hope neither of us are looked down upon because of what we have between our legs! For the sake of me,your mom, your grandmother, your sister or your future daughters…Step up and treat us like we also have a brain. Tell your fellow “Bros” to do the same! WE can keep up but can YOU who BELITTLE us keep up with the world that is changing? We are no longer under a man’s boot! We are under our own dreams and we’re pushing them up so do not be those people that try to keep us down. Do not talk to me like you are more important just because you have a dick! You may be a dick for doing that but that doesn’t make you better than me.

Ps: Even with all the BS my mom had to deal with… by the end of that meeting those men realized who they had fucked with and would not underestimate her again!



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