Embrace The Jiggle

Sometimes we have to feel a bit uncomfortable to truly challenge ourselves… well as I said in one of my previous blogs I wanted to push myself to be more fearless…Well I ended up winning a contest to a Twerkography class last week. I had known this type of class had existed but I never saw myself as someone who would willingly put themselves in a class like that. I thought I would look dumb because I’m so awkward! Oh my god, what would people think of me! I would psych myself out of going! But like I wrote before, this year was for not caring about things like that! Therefore when I won the free class I figured this is it… let’s freaking do this! I decided to do the class to push myself out of my comfort zone! Let me tell you I’m really awkward and I love to dance but I CANT DANCE! Therefore I was really nervous. However, when I was in the class I realized that this was a no judgment zone. My instructor kept reminding us all to have fun and relax. One point from class really stuck, playing over and over in my head. All our life whether it was us or society… we were told it was bad to jiggle. To see our body jiggle or any ounce of fat clap was “gross” “embarrassing” “unhealthy” “shameful” etc. Now this class was telling us to take it back! Turn it into something sensual and fun! My instructor wanted us to jiggle,shake, and drop it! We played some Cardi B and did some booty shaking choreography! Which also included some intense floor work which let me tell you was not exactly easy on the knees! Now did that one class make me a bad ass dancer? Not even close! I’m still awkward and not close to my “booty breakthrough” at least not YET……. but I actually really enjoyed the class. It was a fun work out and it was a space of positivity. It’s another way to get comfortable with my body and learn what it’s capable of. Another way to embrace me and every pound. To embrace the jiggle! Those who don’t like it…. oh well!.. BUT I can assure you there will be more of those who do like it! Whether it be due to the awe in your confidence…. or the twerking itself(haha)! So push yourself to try things because they might end up surprising you! Empowering your body in a way you hadn’t considered before!

Maybe Someday Twerking,

Blossoming Beauty

Ps: My instructor is on instagram as @ceragohellahard check out her body positivity, the class, and of course her twerk!

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  1. Girl this is so relatable and fantastic! This was my favorite part: “I figured this is it… let’s freaking do this! I decided to do the class to push myself out of my comfort zone!” You should totally make that a tweetable quote! Id retweet it right now! So inspirational!

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