This past week I laughed like I haven’t laughed in a while! I binged on delicious food, and especially delicious drinks at some pretty cool places! Now that was all great but do you know what was the absolute best part?! The people! Some were my family, my friends and some were strangers I met while I was out! It’s crazy how some people are so welcoming of you even if they don’t know you! These two women I met at an event didn’t know me but when they found out it was my birthday we were celebrating…they did everything they could to make sure everyone knew it! They talked to me with no boundaries which let me tell you was super entertaining. They made jokes with me and told me to meet up with them at future events! It reminded me that I need to continue trying to talk to new people. It’s not easy and sometimes it will fail but there’s moments like this where you find some really cool humans in the world. Now besides the new friends I made, let me just say that my OG family and friends were the ones that really shined. A week I was going to overlook as just any other …. well they came out for me and really made it special. Some shared amazing wishes and beautiful words to me which warmed my heart. Others treated me to amazing surprises … fed me (super important), or overall gave a slice of their time. I was just so grateful. They made it seem like it was not a big deal for them to have done so. But for someone like me, their actions made me emotional inside. People have a choice to do or not do something….so when they decide to do something for me…especially something I wasn’t asking for… out of the goodness of their heart…for little old me…of course my heart fills up with admiration, respect and love! It truly shows one who the diamonds are out of all the rocks you hold in your hand. Never let go of those people who shine because in return they make you shine. It’s not only about treating yourself like a diamond in this world but finding those who treat you that way as well! Together you shine upon each other and create some amazing memories! Be a diamond and find your diamonds Blossoms! They really do make life that much sweeter.



Ps: Thank you to everyone for the wishes your words meant so much! Especially thank you to my family and friends who spoiled me! My wrist is flexing, my face is beat, I got one amazing singer to sing me HB (sike but I would still pass you on American Idol), I got to have one hell of a paint and sip with two down ass women, I got to eat KBBQ till I slipped into a food coma with one of the biggest sweethearts I ever met! My heart is full!

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