Fearless 23

Growing up I never ever ever thought of myself as someone who could be labeled as attractive. I was the ugly duckling or the one that was always put on the back burner. I hardly ever got noticed. Now in the present I may have learned to apply make up, do my hair, a beauty regimen… etc but inside I’m still the same me! The only thing that I think has been a significant change is the confidence in the Me inside. I’ve learned to embrace myself, my power, my beauty…..my strength. Confidence goes a long way and for my 23rd year of life I want to push myself even further. FEARLESS 23. That is what I want out of this year. My journey of self love just began….if anything barely a few years back….Last year for my birthday I pushed myself in pictures I would’ve never taken before. This year I pushed a little more. I’m still for the most part covered up but there is a sense of confidence in my body that you see in those pictures that I didn’t have before. I was fearless. I’m doing this because it’s for me. I love myself! I love my body… the vessel that contains me! I have been pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone but now I’m really going to enforce it because I need to be not afraid to live. To love my body, for its not “perfect” to all society but to me it’s walked me through my life. Every fail and success it still pushed forward for me! Life is short so I better make sure I make the best of it…I will make the best of this year. As I said before….FEARLESS. Less afraid of what others think. Less afraid of showing off my capabilities even if I could fall on my face. Less afraid to show who I really am. Less afraid to let go of people or things that don’t benefit me. There will be other people and things for me out there. 22 was a challenge and 23 I’m sure will be as well. Yet I feel I have become stronger in myself. 23 i’m here and ready to face another year BLOSSOMING. I have begun quite a journey of self love and now it’s just going to continue on thriving. I’m going to love myself and I’m going to be proud of that… i only have one life, one body, one mind ,and one heart! I say fuck it let me enjoy it! Fearless 23! Blossoming 23! 23 will be interesting! So here’s to my 23rd year of life! I’m young. I’m 23. I’m a woman and I should be fucking proud of that so I took those pictures as an ode to myself! Fearless 23 here I come…. actually No Here I Am!

Love & Happy Bday To Me,


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