Beyond The Negative

I always have people tell me how optimistic I am in my writing. Yet, if I’m honest I’m quite the opposite. I always have all the negative possibilities running through my mind! Sometimes I get too stuck in my head on the wrong going on around me. It can be overwhelming to have so much negativity in mind. As I’ve gotten older I work so much harder now to prevent myself from getting stuck in the sinking pit of pessimism. We can focus on the wrong but in the end doing that won’t change anything. Instead I try to hope for the best because carrying negativity does no good. Not for your own soul and not for the outside. Don’t get me wrong I have my weeks where I dislike the people around me or think this world is burning to the ground but all that does is add to the bad vibe. Step outside and take a deep breathe! There’s only a tiny bit of the world you’re living in at this moment. Think of the bigger picture. Maybe it seems like your world sucks or the people suck but just know that there’s so much of the world you haven’t seen yet. A lot of people you don’t know. There are amazing people and places to experience. That you will experience! Therefore be optimistic in that your limited perspective is what’s causing negativity at the moment but there’s so much more out there for you. There has to be actual GOOD out there. I know that some days we struggle to actually believe that…but we have to try! Good vibes and kindness is what this world needs! To much hate, killing, and overall negativity has consumed a lot of what occurs in this planet. Yet I hope that if more of us continue to work on the “good”….to promote the “good” I hope it can overcome! So my Blossoms let’s look forward towards the positive in the world and in our own worlds. It’s not easy but take a breathe and do your best! I have had to take moments for myself just to take a breather. Ive even shut out the outside for a few days when it’s become to much. Yet, when I come back its with as clear a mind I can get. There’s a lot out there we can’t change but with a better view we can try. With a better perspective we can try to better ourselves, our lives and hopefully the world. Let’s have the confidence of a better tomorrow, for it’s us who shapes the tomorrow!


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