Wishing For It To Fall From the Sky

Whether you’re religious or not… I think at some point we’ve all looked up into the sky and wished for something. Wished to be like this…. Wished to have something or someone… Wished for an opportunity to be ours. We asked for it and sometimes it happened and others didn’t. I often wondered how that worked…. how was it decided that there were certain wishes you got granted versus others. I recently overheard someone talking about this and they said that god didn’t give you in hand what you ask for. He gave you the opportunity to grant yourself what you desired. You wanted a new job? He would notify you of new opportunities but it was up to you and the effort you put in to get a new job. You wanted to work on being a better person? He didn’t automatically grant you that title but he gave you chances to show that if you decided to help another human being than you were kind. Im not big in my practice of religion but I have my own unique relationship with my beliefs. Yet I really enjoyed that point the person was making. Lately I’ve been asking for more opportunities because I’ve been a bit unhappy in where I have been…. I feel like I am at a stand still. However now that I’ve been evaluating what occurs around me I do think that there has been moments I may have overlooked which could have led to more. Im taking new opportunities in to my hands because I can’t expect them to stay and wait for me. I’m going to work more on evaluating my steps because I know that it’s within me and my power to get what I want. To get where I want. It’s not just hoping and waiting for something to happen but to make it happen! So my Blossoms take charge if you want change. Be more aware of the opportunities because if you feel like you’re not going in the direction you want your life to be, there are other paths in your way but maybe you haven’t truly seen them. Let’s continue blossoming and progressing! We will grant ourselves more successes with our own will and skills.


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