What The Scale Does Not Weigh

There’s a white scale on the floor of my bathroom. At certain points of my life I have had times were I have become obsessed by weighing myself every single day. Sometimes even twice a day. Let me just tell you off the bat that’s not a good idea. Why? Well any fluctuation in weight can drive you crazy. You can blame it on that extra portion of food you ate or think you’re not pushing yourself hard enough at the gym when in actuality it’s not that. Anything can effect weight like sodium intake or bloating which is temporary. Your weight changes throughout the day and that’s normal. Well now days that scale is still there but I do the best I can to avoid that obsessive behavior. I don’t let myself go back to obsessively watching the numbers change up and down while I hope it stops going up…..It’s not healthy to cling so much to a number! Especially when that number doesn’t tell you other numbers or facts that I believe are even more important to think about! The scale does not weigh how big your heart is. The scale does not tell you how smart you are. The scale can’t weigh how funny you are. The scale can’t give you the number for the amount of times you’ve made another individual smile. The scale can’t tell you the number of times you’ve changed another person’s life. The scale does not tell you how strong you are or the number of hardships you’ve risen above from. The scale can’t tell you the number of people you inspire. The scale can’t tell you how amazing you are. The scale does not tell you how much you’re worth! Those numbers can change up and down. However,the real thing that matters which is constant no matter what… is how you feel about yourself as a person! You’re human and how you act as a human is what matters. Those numbers are a tiny thing in life. Live life and don’t get stuck on the number staring back at you. They don’t define you. The scale that truly matters is the scale of 1-10 of how you treated yourself and how you lived your life. Make the most of it. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.



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