Changing Into Who He/She Wants?

What does my crush want? Someone perky? Someone sarcastic? Someone whose assertive or shy? Does my crush want someone who’s athletic? Does he want a girl who’s natural or gets glammed up with makeup? Does she want a super masculine or sensitive guy? If my crush likes this I should like it too right? Change into what my crush has been looking for right? No no no CAPITAL NO….. it’s very easy to get wrapped up in what your crush wants in a potential partner because you badly want your crush! Sometimes we feel like we need to do anything to make our crush like us. My advice is let’s stop asking ourselves what we can change to get our crush to notice us! Let’s start asking well if he/she hasn’t yet noticed my amazing qualities is he/she worth the trouble of the Chase? Are we really meant to be together? You see… I’m all for trying out another person’s interest as a way to get closer to them. Then if you turn out to like it KUDOS to you, another similarity to add on! Yet, if you go diving in that you love the same things they do and you originally hate it…. that seems phony. You aren’t being the real you! Relationships are tough and if it starts on lies… where do you think it’ll head? Will it last? Therefore don’t change yourself or force yourself to fit the mold of their “perfect” person. Personally, I find it more special when I have surprisingly found new interests from being around that person. Plus, if he’s super passionate about spending time with me to teach me more about it…that’s a turn on. For me, I know when I introduce someone to something NEW that they like, inside I’m doing a victory dance! Now let’s say I don’t like something whether it’s a type of music or a hobby, well I can respect that they do. It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker that makes you feel that you have to upkeep the lie of liking it. Maybe that wont be a “together” activity or “similarity” to focus on but there will be other things. Plus when they do their own thing, you do yours. Let your hearts have moments to miss each other! As I always say, you were your own person before you pursued someone, so you should be able to function on your own too! Love/Attraction is unpredictable and it happens in its own ways. Maybe your “meant to be” person will see that perfect gf/bf mold in you in an instant. Hell they might not even have a type in mind, but figure out your qualities are so bomb they have to have you. Maybe your qualities were not what they originally thought in mind for a partner, but you turned out to be exactly what they needed. You have given them a sense of completion. That’s why I say don’t alter yourself for another person. You come as you are and you know what you have to offer! Your likes and dislikes! What you bring to the table! Now as I said before maybe you pick up new interests or you might change when you’re with someone…but if it’s on your own “truths” versus “lies” I see it as together you have grown! That’s different verses coming in acting as another person who later on has to say, “surprise I’m not actually that person you fell for!” That’s why I say to remember there is never anything wrong with who you already are. Don’t think you are never enough for another individual or that you lack in some way! Whoever has had a crush before…. This is me telling you my blossoms to see your own worth, to see your own qualities for what they are! You don’t and shouldn’t feel the need to be another person! If someone can’t see the qualities in you, you shouldn’t be begging for attention! Why? Well because one day someone will notice you, the way you shine. Together you bring your own form of light, so that together you brighten up each other’s world. Don’t try to dim your own light for someone who continues not to notice or appreciate who you are! You and everything that makes up you, the good and the bad, is what someone will completely fall for. Blossom, but never try to alter the beautiful flower you’ve always been!

Loving & Strutting,

Blossoming Beauty

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