Oh My…..

Embarrassing moments happen to everyone! Yet when it happens to us we think, “oh my god why did this have to happen to me?” We feel like it’s the end of the world. It’s not. We may still cringe when we think about our embarrassing moments but someday we just laugh about them. Now to make others feel better, to know that it’s not the end of the world to have an embarrassing moment, and to give a good laugh I’m going to share some of my embarrassing moments. Now I’m not gonna tell you all of them because it’s obviously impossible to remember every embarrassing moment of life. Yet I will share some of my personal cringes/favorites. Well let’s start off slow before I give you the funniest one. I had a terrible phobia of masks or people in giant suit characters. To be honest they still make me very uncomfortable now but in my past I was dropdead afraid. I’m talking I can’t see one without crying or running. I’m not going to say my exact age because I don’t remember but I will guess I was around 12. I will say I definitely was way too old to be acting this type of way! Well there was this restaurant that my family and I loved to eat at. Once a week they had their mascot go around the restaurant to interact with the customers. Well I NEVER EVER EVER EVER went on the mascot day. However one day, my mom convinced me that they had changed the mascot day so that we should go eat there. Arriving there I saw no mascot, so we got a table. I was enjoying my food when all of a sudden standing behind me, behind our table, was the mascot. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea but I slid from my chair down to the floor under the table. Nobody could get me out of there. I was straight up crying! There were little kids I’m talking toddlers/kindergartners just staring at me. Families stared at me. Which I understand when I think about their perspective. Hello smaller kids were not scared yet this grown kid was. Definitely an embarrassing story to share but what can I say life moved on and now I’m no longer afraid. Thankfully… because it would be something if I pulled that stunt at my age now! Next embarrassing moment was when I was walking up to make a presentation and as I was walking up my crush give me a thumbs up. I was feeling good because my crush had acknowledged me. Well I have always been short so my pants always tend to be too long for me. That day my pants pulled a fast one on me. The moment I was smiling at my crush’s thumbs up I started to feel myself lose balance. My shoe slipped on the excess of my pant leg causing me to slip backwards. I landed on the floor on my back right next to my crush’s chair. I just remember opening my eyes and he was looking right over me asking me if I was OK. I could tell he was trying so hard not to laugh which I appreciate but I mean no one wants their crush to witness one looking dumb….I remember wanting the earth to swallow me up but nope it didn’t. I had to present while my crush tried hard not to laugh at me the whole time. Now in the present I like to think that I at least left some type of impression with my clumsy actions. Unforgettable!…. I hope. Now as I’m older I would’ve thought I would have become more graceful but WRONG. I was in college and it was raining really hard one day so my friends and I decided to stand inside a doorway of a building to keep dry. There were actually a lot of people in the building because everyone was trying to avoid the rain. I saw this girl walking in to the building who started to slip and lose her balance. Yet she wasn’t exactly falling. She was slipping around saving, yet not saving herself. I reached out to try catching her. I was only trying to help but those who saw the incident said that it looked like I straight up shoved her to the floor. I even remember her face looking at me with an expression of “did you just fucking push me?” I swear I was just trying to catch her but it must’ve attempted to grab her when she was finally falling! I was really embarrassed because so many people were accusing me of pushing her and I couldn’t stop laughing! I think people falling is hilarious and it’s something I can’t control when it comes to laughing at that. Therefore it looked like I had done it! I looked guilty! I understood how Lindsay Lohan felt in Mean Girls when everyone was saying she did or didn’t push her in front of the bus…. so I guess some people left with the impression of me being a straight up jerk…. Well now onto the icing on the cake. This one is the ultimate embarrassing story that comes to mind when people ask me to share something embarrassing. It was my birthday and I want to say I was either in 8th or 9th grade. My mom told me that I could invite some friends to the movie theaters. I remember it was one of the Fast and the Furious films, so there was a lot of people. We wanted to sit all the way in the back so up the stairs we went. I offered to go get snacks so I asked everyone what they wanted. As I turned around to walk down the steps I must’ve slipped somehow or tripped myself. I rolled down all of the steps and all the way to the bottom of the theatre. At first I heard snickers which just blew up into a theater full of people laughing at me. I remember quickly getting up and thinking if I acted like nothing happened it would be okay. However in reality it was too late…everyone had definitely seen me fall. I guess I really was trying to embody being FAST AND FURIOUS as I rolled down the steps. Now I laugh about it but back then I wanted to run out of the theatre. Well that’s just some of my embarrassing stories and I know there will be more…. it’s inevitable. You can’t control those moments but you can control how you take them! I say laugh and be more lenient with yourself My Blossoms! No one is perfect and no one is safe from embarrassment.

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