Friendship or Excuses?

Letting people in….what makes a genuine friend? There’s no set handbook of how to identify a person with good intentions. Growing up we have had our run in with people who have hurt us. People we let in expecting for them to be there forever but sometimes they’re just not meant to be. They change or we realize who they were truly inside. You gave them so much of you but they took it for granted. Hell you may even cringe a little when you think back and realize the signs you ignored. Therefore we put up walls or distance ourselves. We sometimes even become a little bit more bitter or harsh when it comes to judging others who try to be our friends. It’s a fair reaction when all you want is to keep yourself safe and unharmed. However there are people who have been there. Doesn’t matter how long they’ve been there but they end up meaning a great deal. They’ve made a way into your heart and they’ve held up their end by supporting you. So how do you bring in more of those people versus the other? Well like I said there’s no set handbook to find them because as humans we’re all different hence we do things differently. However in our heart of hearts there is our intuition. Don’t ever overlook it! Sometimes we don’t want to listen to the truth it whispers to us, but it’s usually right! For example you can choose to laugh off some things as another persons “jokes” but sometimes you know deep inside that person is choosing to passively offend you. Yet you make excuses like oooh that wasn’t for me…. we’re friends right? That couldn’t have been aimed at me? Yet inside we know that it felt really shitty and if they were truly your friend they would have known not to have said it. Or maybe you plan something special and instead they find something to complain about. They didn’t bother to at least think about the effort you put in, they just thought about “I don’t like this.” Yet you think oh well maybe they didn’t have a good day so they were in a bad mood? Deep down inside you know when a friend isn’t matching up to what you put into the relationship. You have to listen to that! Don’t make excuses for others. You want to surround yourself with people who make life easier! The world is tough as it is to be surrounding yourself with people who just cause doubt or misery. If you’re a good friend you deserve good friends! Don’t settle due to avoiding the feeling of loneliness because in the end sometimes those “friends” tend to suck you dry. Whether it be mentally or through your wallet, they just find a way to drain your life source. If they have to say “but aren’t we friends?” and you feel hesitant… listen to that!!! Don’t give any more time to people who don’t deserve it! Who don’t deserve you! Our life span is 100 years at best if your lucky, so why waste that short time forcing yourself to deal with a person or behaviors that don’t make you feel good? That don’t make your days good? Let us make more genuine and honest friendships from now on my Blossoms! Positive vibes only! Listen to that intuition and don’t force things. Friends are the people we choose to make another family of, so make it a good one! Find people you can talk to. Where you both get what you need instead of just one draining another. It shouldn’t feel like work. It should be comforting and fun. If you have to let someone go then there’s no shame because it’s your life you have to live happily. It’s your family you’re creating for yourself. But most of all be a good friend, attract good friends is what I say!

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