Happy New Year! 2018

2018 is officially here! I’m excited for another year of living my life! Before I jump into the adventure of another year I want to look back at what 2017 gave me. As we all know 2017 was not an easy year. There was a lot of hate. We watched as selfish individuals walked into office and did what they wanted. Many of us had opportunities ripped from us and some things are still threatened of being taken. Many of us confused by what tomorrow would bring. However even when this happened, they were also some pretty amazing moments. Moments where we as humans and brothers stood together against it. We rallied. We spoke up. Speaking up is so important. Wether it be about our communities, our gender, our bodies…etc if there is a lesson about 2017 it is to speak up. People will do what they want but with our voices we can do our best to educate and put a pause to actions we feel shouldn’t be happening. We may even educate another to change their perspective. Now I know I don’t get political especially in my blogs but I do speak about life. I find that our life experiences are important since they shape how we think and how we act. That is why confidence and self love are so important to me! When you know your worth you will never allow life to give you any less. You will fight confidently with your actions and words. This is why no matter what you talk about whether it be about body positivity, racial inequality, makeup, feminism,…etc. Everything makes a wave. It educates, empowers, or just make someone feel good even when things around them aren’t so good. I just hit a year of writing in November and my blog was one of the funnest and most gratifying things of 2017. So many people shared their stories with me just because I opened up about mine! I can’t wait to continue sharing with you all! May 2018 be full of more love and empowerment. 2017 was a year of being pushed down but with it my resilience grew! I graduated with a Bachelors even when no one else in my family had been able to before. I made some amazing new friendships and some even became family to me when some of my family fell through this year. My family who stood beside me has become stronger even with the challenges we face. I have loved myself the most this year than I have ever in the past. 2017 was hard but it definitely shaped me. I’m ready for you 2018 and I know my blossoms are too! Empowerment, Love, Family, and Luck to you all!!! Make the most and best of these 12 new chapters!

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