First time In Shapewear

Today I chose to share a story of 10 year old me. First of all let’s just recognize what women do for fashion and to look good! There’s heels, waxing, corsets….etc. My story focuses on shapewear or as we say in Spanish the FAJA! We squeeze ourselves into this tiny contraption meant to smooth and tuck us in. We huff. We puff. We pull and pull until we’re out of breath but finally have managed to shove our thighs and stomachs into this trap. Let me just tell you that these things are so tight sometimes it feels like you can’t get a full breath. Well as a woman who has always been on the plus side I personally haven’t worn one in years because I can’t deal with the uncomfortable feeling. Don’t get me wrong you look great in them but to me I don’t feel like the suffering for a few hours of faking I went down a size is worth it. I’ll embrace my little lumps in a dress happily. Power to those who wear them often because I don’t have the will to do so. You slay however you want! Anyway most people assume that the first time a woman would wear one is around high school but nope I wore one for the first time in 5th grade!!! Yes, as a 10 year old I was already worried about hiding the appearance of my rolls that I made my mom buy and help me shove my child body into a faja. I wore it to my fifth grade graduation so my dress would fit nicely! I was already a lot bigger than most the other kids so there I went being shoved in to this full body shapewear. I remember struggling, pulling, huffing and puffing. But when I put on my dress I thought wow this was worth it! I felt squeezed tight so I must look thinner! I was narrating my graduation in this tiny no air conditioning auditorium. Well let’s just say that halfway through graduation I started feeling light headed. The heat of the auditorium and the lack of air from how squeezed I was feeling was making me feel like I was going to pass out! I remember thinking oh dear lord this is going to be embarrassing because they’re gonna find out I’m wearing a FAJA! The nurses are gonna be like what’s wrong why isn’t she breathing and realize what I put myself in! I wasn’t exactly thinking about how I might be captured on camera by my whole class or their families. INSTEAD I FREAKED ABOUT HOW MY SECRET ABOUT MY SHAPEWEAR WOULD BE EXPOSED!!That’s a crazy thing to be concerned about as a fifth grader! Yet at that age I was already aware that being fat was shameful and that I couldn’t be considered pretty…. that is extremely sad to think. I mean my mom and I usually laugh about this because of how ridiculous it is as a childhood story. However if I look deeply at little me I wish I could have told her that she was beautiful and didn’t have to shove herself into shapewear as a ten year old. Plus that all the little kids who picked on her because of weight were wrong… she was a smart ambitious child and that everything would get better. That good old karma would get them. Now in the present I don’t wear shapewear… I just hate the feeling of being uncomfortable! I feel cute either way and if someone doesn’t think I am because of a roll that’s showing well they’re irrelevant to my happiness. Whether you do or don’t wear it is entirely up to you and you’ll slay either way! Just do or put on what makes you comfortable and confident! Side note… to all future parents please raise the next generations to not bully their peers because kids should be focused on other things not altering their physical appearance! I know people say their just kids but some things you get picked on do make a lasting impression! Some aren’t so lucky when it comes to growing up with a support system like I did and really do end up being harmed by what they’ve heard. I say raising the next generations to have more self love and love for their fellow peers would definitely improve the world!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I was bullied for the first time for my weight in fifth grade. I started at a new school and hardly anyone would speak to me because I was bigger than them. I ended up with an eating disorder because my family was not supportive either. Society can do better.

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! That’s why I can’t help but express how important it is to teach children not to bully because even though we’re young that doesn’t mean our age saves us from being affected! Things happen! We lose confidence and eating disorders can happen! I really do hope you have the support now to know you’re beautiful! ❤


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