My Relationship with Clothes

Growing up I’ve always been chubby, thick, fat, or whatever word that comes to mind to describe my bigger physique. As a child I hated shopping and would literally have to be dragged into a store. Today well let’s just say if you take me to the mall we’ll be there a while. Where did the transition take place from hater to shopaholic? My mind… that’s where it happened. You see I wouldn’t admit it as a kid but as an adult it’s something I want to be real about… I was afraid of the number on the tag and that it wouldn’t fit. I hated having to walk in the aisle of the bigger sizes when young girls were in the cool hip young section I was supposed to be in! Back then there wasn’t the plus size options there is now like FashionNova or Forever 21. Most big clothes were for older woman or were plain unflattering. I was embarrassed! To be honest I would also cut off size tags off my clothes because I didn’t want people to see it on accident. I would think how dare people know my size but ironically people will still know you’re bigger just by looking at you….HELLO! However I thought I was being sneaky by having no tag and just choosing not to go to the plus section. So instead of focusing on possibly finding stuff that could bring up my confidence I saw clothes as my enemy! Now my mentality is different. I know that my body is mine and with clothes that I like and that look good on me I can express who I am. Clothes can express my level of confidence now! Plus now I’m not afraid to walk into a store. There may be someone looking at me like whoa you do not belong in this size category but most of the time that’s in our head. They’re having their own shopping experience. Don’t get me wrong…yes there are times when you hear a whispered negative comment with some giggles but you have to remember to just do you! I have clothes from the plus section, the teen section, petite, men’s …etc. I’ve found stuff because I’m not afraid to try it. If it doesn’t fit oh well that’s says nothing about me and there’s so much more clothes out there! However if it does and it looks good then who cares what the tag says. Different brands mean different sizes but that shouldn’t even matter! Care only about the feeling of confidence it gives you!! Don’t be afraid to find your style because of your size! Style is a feeling! It’s a vibe you transcend with the confidence in your clothes! It’s not a number!

Loving and Strutting

Blossoming Beauty

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