Your World But Not Theirs

Certain relationships abruptly end. A boyfriend, a girlfriend, a spouse, a friend, a family member or anyone you held to heart could leave your life. We hear over and over to forget that person and to move on. It isn’t as easily done than said. We will miss that person. There are memories and moments that replay in our minds and keep our hearts in a strain. Missing them isn’t a weakness because it just shows that we are human and what we feel is real. However now that relationship is over and if they’re not there then they just couldn’t contain all the love you had. We have to find our ways to move on. To not let that grief settle in our hearts. Like I said it’s not easy… but life is definitely too short to care for someone who doesn’t care for you anymore. Some things to keep in mind when you feel yourself spiraling into that bubble of loss…

•Why continue to want someone who obviously chose not to stay?

•Now that they’ve moved on there’s times you want to contact them but remember this…there’s now so many ways of contacting anyone. There’s the phone or social media. Yet they chose not to. Your phone isn’t ringing and sometimes if it is, it’s because they need a favor… not necessarily you.

•The way you are treating yourself… why? You deserve more. You are putting yourself in this sad bubble when you deserve joy. You deserve more than to cry or pine for someone who doesn’t think a single thought about your tears hitting the ground.

•Things worked out they way they were meant to… it might have not been the way you wanted but the outcome happened because it was supposed to.

•Those memories…that person you cling to is from another time. They’ve changed and so have you.

•The way you feel this person is your world, your rock… you need someone who reciprocates that…. which this person isn’t.

This is why I say my blossoms to distract yourself. It’s never easy missing someone but you have to fill up your life with things that bring you joy. No more tears.

Continue on in constant motion… time passes that’s certain. With that time and space your heart will heal. Those who are meant to be there alongside you in your journey will be and those who weren’t meant to be will not. Live life. Don’t focus on just those lost. Because pain and loss accompany every phase of our growing life. Just as plants in a garden blossom so will other relationships. The weeds hidden among the grass are now ripped out and before you know it that garden will have blossomed into something whole and beautiful once again. Your heart will be whole again.

Loving & Strutting

Blossoming Beauty

PSDG is still working on a website so in the meantime I’m posting on here because I just couldn’t stay silent to you guys! Hope you continue to enjoy my content! Hopefully I can have my older posts up soon for any new readers who have just found me! Have an amazing week!

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